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Upcycle Expert Dupes a $900 Lamp Using Just $9 and a Sharpie and People Are Impressed

A sharpie pen did this?!

Thrifting is a skill. It takes a keen set of eyes on a creative individual to look past an item’s initial bland exterior and take it home with them to turn it into an upcycled masterpiece. While some of us may lack having such talent in the thrifting area, sustainable stylist, Sarah Teresinski, whose TikTok account is dedicated to “restyling and upcycling EVERYTHING,” is an expertise in the thrifting world.

Her latest restyle was inspired by a $900 Kelly Wearstler lamp she saw online. Instead of paying the high price, she scored a second-hand $9 lamp and spray painted it with a matte white primer. She then took the superstar of the show - a black Sharpie pen - and went to work! It’s hard to believe she did this with a simple Sharpie!


We love how she made the purposely imperfect design pop even more when she thickened the lines with a black Sharpie paint pen. And finalizing the recycled piece by using a trivet from her kitchen as a base truly makes it stand out even more. This will look amazing in any room but, I would consider placing it near some green plants or on a table against a bold accent wall to make it stand out even more. Really, the design options are just about endless with this stunning upcycle!

Her followers agree. “This is brilliant & looks fabulous!” commented @mamasal23. Another TikTok user said “Looks high-end and gorgeous.” Another viewer @fadurian commented “A lot of times when people replicate a designer look it’s not quite the same. Yours looks better than the designer one!”

Another one of her upcycles we love. We can’t wait to see what she does next!