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DIY Upcycled Jewelry Holder is Perfect For Crafters Of Any Skill Level

Simple, fun, and functional.

Thanks to upcycle creators on social media, we’re constantly reminded how true the old adage “waste not, want not” rings so true — if you don’t waste anything, you’ll always have what you need. So, rather than going out and buying new items, these creators find old things around their home and give them new purpose by simply upcycling.

Today’s case in point: TikTok creator @taybeepboop, recently uploaded a video showing us how she easily creates a beautiful jewelry holder using items she already has on hand. Not only is it a simple project anyone can do, it’s free!


As seen in the video, Tay BeepBoop created an upcycled jewelry holder using old, damaged t-shirts, leftover green velvet fabric, an old thrifted frame, and some cardboard from delivery boxes. All she did was roll, measure, cut and hot glue each t-shirt to make sure they were able to fit within the frame. She then used her fingers to tuck the velvet green fabric in between each shirt, before cutting the excess fabric and finishing the crafty DIY project.

The creator is currently challenging herself to create more DIYs strictly using recycled material and things she has around her home, and if the amount of views tells us anything, her followers are loving her simple and functional DIY projects!