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These Small Business Owners Vinyl Record Bowls Are To Die For!

What a nifty way to up-cycle old vinyl records.
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Vinyl records are one of the trendiest things of the past couple of years, people are using record players to play vinyl music again, the vinyl record cover albums have been strung up on wall to use for artwork, they have been crafted into funky unique shelving, and others have crafted side tables out of them.

One small business @fortherecordsno has posted to TikTok all the unique things they make out of old vinyl records, with one of their coolest being bowls with odd and end bends in them!

The company has just recently launched and their website is still in its test phase as they stack inventory, meaning while you can’t buy from them now you will be able to soon!

The company is quite sustainable, the records they choose to use for their bowls are old and no longer play tunes, instead of them ending up in the landfill the company gives them new life, and promotes the quality of reusing.

To make their vinyl record bowls they use a wire cooking rack with a upside down metal cup placed on it, they set the record in the middle of the metal cup and place them in the oven and watch them until they drop down the sides of the cup forming funky bowl shapes as they bend.

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