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Woman Creates Reusable Gift Boxes That Are Perfect for Christmas

Such a genius way to reuse shoe boxes.
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Christmas time is so fun, one of my most fond memories as a kid during the holidays is the night my mom and I would wrap gifts together for my dad and my brother. It was so much fun, we would listen to tunes, drink hot coco, and yell at my brother for trying to peek.

One thing that sticks out to me in the memory is how extremely difficult it is to wrap anything that doesn't come in a box already, take headphones, pans, clothes, and toys for example. My mom would always try to help make some ridiculous wrapping around it but it always just turned out so wonky or ended up ripping in spots.

Content creator @heylaurenanna, has a genius hack for hard to wrap items that also uses up something we all have laying around the house, a shoe box.

Using a shoe box she wraps the top of the box with wrapping paper covering all the edges of the lid and securing it with clear tape. She does the same thing with the bottom of the shoe box, wraps the entire thing with paper, cuts the square in the center of the open face, makes cut lines to the corner of the box and scotch tapes it down securely.

This is such a neat idea, its reusable meaning it can keep on being gifted Christmas after Christmas, has strong durability, looks great, and uses the shoe box that's stuffed in your closet!

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