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Check Out This impressive Collection of Uranium Glass

This is wild.

There is something delightful about starting a collection, adding to it and watching said collection grow abundantly. For some people, they enjoy collecting vintage cars, antique chinaware, vinyl records, comic books and postal stamps to name a few.

However, this woman of TikTok account @terrestrialtreasures, loves collecting uranium glass. That’s right, the beautiful glassware that glows green under a black light and is often rare to come across since it’s no longer in production. We have to say, her huge collection of uranium glass is impressive!


Isn’t her uranium glass collection so cool?! It’s amazing how she’s been able to come across so many of these rare finds, however, we also recently found out that people throw away uranium glass not realizing how these type of glass pieces can be a collector’s item that potentially has monetary value.

People in the comments were not only intrigued with her collection, but were also concerned about the potential radiation exposure that uranium glass is commonly associated with. “At what point is too many "small amounts of radiation?” Lmao I'm still obsessed,” TikTok user @wrinkledgarbage wrote. “This is my first time hearing about uranium glass and now I want to go hunt for some! So cool!” TikTok user @maddiestanger commented. “With that much together would it set off a Geiger counter?” @deafwhovian asked, to which the creator responded each piece will set off a Geiger counter.

Radiation exposure from uranium glass is debatable, however, this huge collection is wild!