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Woman Dupes $129 Urban Outfitter Yin Yang Stool for only $8

Her good eye saved her a pretty penny.

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There is no denying that the right accents can make or break a design space. When you find a piece that is subtle in look but impactful in creating just the right ambiance, you can justify spending just about any amount. But if you're truly crafty, you can figure out a way to do it yourself on a dime.

Take for instance this Yin Yang stool at Urban Outfitters. It currently retails for $129 and is perfect for adding a pop of personality to the room, but a keep eye would see that you could easily make this at home for less than half the price. DIYer Danielle Churchill thought the same thing when she spotted a similar stool at a thrift sale. 


She scored a basic stool at a garage sale for just $8. She sanded the entire thing down to get it to a natural base color. Then from stain she had in her garage, she simply did a coat on the legs, then mimicked the stain pattern on top with her own rag. Once it dried it came out perfectly so she sealed and styled it to perfection in her own place. 

Followers couldn't get over how easy this project was, and noted that she absolutely pulled off a flawless dupe. These stools are so common, we bet you could pick up one for the same price or less!