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Couple Dupes a $1200 Urban Outfitters Bed For Only $400

This boho bed is so dreamy…

When we buy our first house, we naturally want to transform it into a Pinterest-worthy space. But as some of us know, there are a lot of expenses that come with owning a home, so your budget may not always allow for those coveted fancy furniture pieces. Rather than save and wait to get some of those pieces, why not try a DIY?

That’s exactly what first time home buyers @wonhaus did when they came across the Marte Platform Bed from Urban Outfitters. Instead of paying the $1200 price tag, the couple decided to try to make it themselves and made it look just like the minimalistic Urban Outfitters Bed for a whopping $400! Check it out below.


How spot on is this dupe?! Seriously, we can’t tell the difference! We love the boho minimalist vibes of the bed and what makes it even better, the couple was able to make it a king-sized bed for less than half the price! What a win. Their followers were just as impressed with the successful dupe. “Love what you made! So cute!” @ohhomee commented. Another user @artrei commented “Looks amazing.” TikTok user @caralizzie wrote “I did the same thing with a different frame! Urban is great inspiration for DIY projects. Yours looks amazing.”

The couple recently uploaded part one of how created this dupe and we can’t wait to see the rest of the process considering how great of a job they did with this dupe!