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There’s a Trashcan That Sucks Up Dirt Like a Vacuum and We NEED It


It’s not easy maintaining a clean house all of the time, especially if you’re a busy parent that juggles many duties both inside and outside the home. However, to make things easier for you, it does help to have gadgets and cleaning tools that serve more than just one purpose.

So when TikTok content creator @julianna_claire uploaded a video to her account showing off this handy kitchen gadget that makes it easier to keep clean floors, we instantly knew that this gadget isn’t a want, but a NEED!


In the quick video that’s already amassed over one million views, the content creator shows us what appears to be a regular stainless steel trashcan. Initially, you may think “no big deal,” however, while she’s explaining more about this trashcan, she shows us in multiple mini clips how she takes her regular broom and sweeps crumbs into the little slot locked at the bottom of the trashcan and it sucks up crumbs, hair, dust and random messes with its’ built in bagless vacuum. In addition to that amazing feature, this trashcan also has auto and manual modes, open and closes with a wave of your hand over the lid and it lets you know when the vacuum bin is full.

How amazing is is it that this trashcan can do some of the work for you?! Unsurprisingly, viewers in the comments are just as enthralled with this amazing Amazon kitchen find as we are!

It’s a little pricey, but judging by the proof in the video, it seems like it may be worth it!

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