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Cleaning Expert Shows Us Exactly Why We Need to Vacuum Our Mattresses Regularly

We would have never known to do this…

Growing up in Texas where we experience allergies all year long, I learned earlier in life why it’s important to wash my bedding on a weekly basis in order to help combat dust allergens that are commonly found in our beds. Every weekend, we’d wash our sheets, blankets, pillow cases and make up our bed - all of which I still do now. I thought following the steps was more than enough to ease the pesky dust mites, until I discovered this amazing cleaning tip.

TikTok content creator @cleanwithmyka whose popular channel is known for sharing cleaning tips and hacks, recently uploaded a video showing us why we should all vacuum our mattresses and let me tell you, after seeing what her vacuum collected when she finished, I’m now including this tip into my cleaning regimen!


I wasn’t expecting that! Can you imagine how much more dust she would’ve had if she didn’t have a mattress protector? This is seriously one of the best cleaning tips! And while scrolling through the comments to verify if anyone has tried vacuuming their mattress, I came across a comment from TikTok user @tmh0219412 that enhances the simple tip. “When it’s time to wash the protector. I sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and spray hydrogen peroxide, leave it for about 3 hours then vacuum,” she wrote. 

There you have it, folks. The proof is in the video as to why we should vacuum our mattresses more often. Will you add this cleaning tip into your cleaning regimen?