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KC Mom Discovers Hysterical and Infuriating Reason She Isn’t Getting Air Upstairs

Well that’s definitely the culprit.

If you live in a house that has any sort of heating or air conditioning then you likely know the problem with the ventilation system. Usually, there isn’t one, and in a perfect world, your vents would work perfectly fine every single day without issue. But this isn’t a perfect world, and every once in a while those vents can get clogged, chewed through, etc.

Often we forget about minor nuisances, especially if the clog isn’t too bad, but sometimes you just have to dig in and figure out what is going on. So when one mom went to find something her kiddo had chucked into the vent and figured out exactly why the heating and cooling system wasn’t pushing air into the upstairs, you could say she was definitely surprised!


So Jessi has a couple of kids, and those kids get into occasional trouble as all kids do. Recently one of those children ‘accidentally’ threw some of her favorite lipstick into the vent, meaning she had to go on a Dora The Explorer style journey to dig out said lipstick.

But she never thought that she’d wind up figuring out exactly how, and why, her vent’s cooling and heating never quite made its way to her upstairs rooms. This is something that had been a mystery for the nine years she’d been living there, but she just figured it was a part of the house being the way it was and had left it for a ‘later’ that never quite came.

What does she see when she pulls apart the vent to reveal what is inside?

Why toy after toy after toy, all stuffed down into that vent for who knows how long, probably many by the previous owner’s own kiddo. As one commenter points out, it legitimately looks like a crazed escape attempt performed by the Toy Story cast, and we can only imagine the poor parents who tried desperately to look for those ‘lost’ toys way back when.

Well, on the good side - she may not have to buy Christmas presents for a while!