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Woman Teaches Herself How to Make Victorian Plaster and Comes Out Beautifully

It took a lot of hard work.

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You know, while some DIYs are ridiculously easy to do, there are others that appear to be so difficult to attempt to DIY, that we can just admire from afar and applaud the creators who have the patience, time and skill to be so dedicated to doing what they love and showing us their process along the way.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator and artist @caryscuttlefish. This “creepy cute” artist showed us how she made Victorian plaster for her new kitchen and we have to admit, while it takes a lot of hard work, the ending result was totally worth it!

This Victorian plasterwork looks so amazing and we’re impressed to say the least! Not only are we stunned by the beauty of her creation, we’re also shocked at how amazing her patience is since it took her an entire two months to finish this DIY. We’re not the only ones in awe over her DIY creation consisting of black bats adorning her kitchen ceiling — so are her followers and viewers in the comment section. Aside from laughing at her funny sense of humor, many people wanted to know if she would be selling these and honestly, we would like to know, too!

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