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Mom Turns Vintage Bookshelf Into the Perfect Kitchen Countertop Storage

Ditch the boring cabinets...

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Love it or hate it, open storage is a trend that won't go away. As a result, we've seen everything from desks to shelves and even dressers transform into fancy pieces of kitchen furniture. 

But if you're not into having all your spices on display for everyone, there are other ways to incorporate this design element into your space—like repurposing an old bookshelf as a countertop organizer!

Whether you love open storage, we can all agree that this vintage bookshelf looks beautiful on this kitchen counter. You see, open storage is great for making things visible. It's also space efficient because it doesn't take up any floor space, leaving room for other things in your kitchen—like a table! 

But perhaps the best thing about open storage is its convenience. Having everything within reach makes organizing quicker and easier than ever before. And folks seemed to agree, encouraging the creator to add the second bookshelf for even more storage.

"Add the second one, but leave space between them. Then add floating shelves between the two bookshelves." @Jessie Rae

"Yes, add the second one; it looks too meager without it." @user2512125238536

Open-faced cabinets help reduce costs compared with traditional options because they require less material per square foot; additionally, since no air has been displaced by them when installed, there will always be less condensation on windows behind them due to their ability to absorb heat faster than closed units do."

If you have a vintage bookcase and want to use it well, don’t throw it away. Take the time to repurpose this old piece of furniture into something new that will be a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

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