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Woman's Brilliant Oven Cleaner Hack Is Something Every Thrifter Should Know

Who knew you could use oven cleaner like that?

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Being a good thrift shopper means having a good eye and using it to see potential. Some of the best thrift finds are the grimiest, oldest pieces that need just a little TLC. The thing is for a lot of folks, the hassle of having to restore a thrifted piece isn't worth it if it's going to take a long amount of time. Giving gorgeous pieces a second chance doesn't necessarily mean painstaking hours of meticulous cleaning. Sometimes it just takes some elbow grease and ingenuity.

TikToker @Woodandhomeaccents figured out how to save some gorgeous vintage chain chairs with some water and oven cleaner.


And apparently that wood color in the "after"? It's completely natural. She elaborated in the comments that she sprayed the entire chair (minus the seating pad) with oven cleaner and let it soak in for 30 minutes. After that she took a hard bristle scrubber and wiped away at the dirt and grime. Following that, she gave it a good rinse and let it dry. When it did, it came back this super natural light color that would look incredible in any boho home. 

So before you skip over a piece just because it is extra grimy, just know there is probably a cool tip out there that can likely help!