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This Woman’s Vintage Lamp Collection Might Be the Cure to Seasonal Depression

Not literally of course, but it could help.
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It's officially winter and with winter comes a lot of things that really bring the mood down. The sun sets earlier than most people get off work, giving you only the night time to do activities in your free time. The clouds bring only rain, snow, or grayness. Your skin loses its sweet summer tan. Activities are limited and force you to bundle up in multiple layers to even think about stepping outside.

Seasonal depression is a by-product of the late fall and winter offerings. Now while there is not an immediate cure for it, @kelley.heyer might have found a solution to lighten the winter blues blow.

In the video the woman tells the camera that viewers are going to lose it when she shows off her vintage lamps she recently got. Over to a large brown box the woman pulls out a gorgeous chandelier that is in the shape of a flower with baby pink petals and a beige pink center all held up by a gold chain.

She walks over to another lamp of hers that is four elegant glass flowers standing at different heights all a part of the same unit.

The last vintage lamp is a white swan sitting at about a foot tall, when turned on it illuminates the back side of the swan with a warm soft white light.

We love her fairy vibe the lamps give off and in mid winter they just might be a cure for seasonal depression!

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