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Woman Up-Cycles Thrift Shop Pottery to Look Like Vintage Rare Stoneware

Take it from old to REALLY old.

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Who isn't a huge fan of vintage stoneware? It's beautiful, versatile, and can be used for almost anything. But the problem is that it's often expensive and hard to find in your local thrift shops or antique stores. 

Found and ancient-style stoneware is old, worn, and distressed pottery. It often looks like it was once used for cooking or serving food but has since been put aside and forgotten about for years. This gives the piece an organic rustic feeling that many people love.

However, this type of pottery can be very expensive! You might need to spend hundreds on each item if you want to buy some new vintage stoneware pieces for your home decor.

That is unless you're this woman who found gorgeous vintage stoneware at a local thrift shop! 

We were mighty impressed by this crafter’s genius. Most people stop at vintage thrifting and forget the limitless upcycle opportunities. Others were just as impressed by her creativity.

"You killed this!" @Itzel Mendez

"Nailed it! You're amazing thank you for this tip." @dramaqueen

This is a fun way to upcycle old vintage pottery into something beautiful! And there are so many reasons to give it a try for yourself:

  • Save money on home decor: This method is perfect for those who want to save money and add charm to their home.
  • Repurpose old things: Have an old pitcher, bowl, or vase you don’t use anymore? Turn it into something useful with this easy DIY!
  • Give new life to old things: If you have an item in your house that’s broken but still has sentimental value, this technique will let you bring it “back from the dead” and give it another chance at life!

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