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Woman Explains Why You Should Be Dowsing Your House In Vodka

Who knew this popular cocktail staple had such a variety of uses?

Vodka is the main ingredient in quite a few popular cocktails such as Bloody Marys and Moscow Mules, but did you know it’s also the star of the show when used as DIY home sanitization spray? Yeah, our minds were blown too when we found out vodka can be used to both spray and sip.

TikTok user @peggybolton explained just how effective Vodka is when using around your home and surprisingly, it has so many uses!


It’s so funny how she thought the people in the costume department simply enjoyed sipping the drink, but now that she uses it she started using it for her own home, she gets it! So apparently vodka dries odorless and completely sanitizes your home. You can use it to get rid of strong odors from mattresses and shoes and you can use it to sanitize clothes and your sheets in-between washes. The key is to get the cheapest vodka that has the highest amount of alcohol content.

Viewers in the comments jokingly commented how they use this effective sanitizing hack. “I use it to sanitize my soul,” @hi_its_mely commented. “One spray, one sip, one spray…LOL,” @livegodsstory wrote. “Hated cleaning the house before. Now 1 spray for the shoes... one spray for me... one spray for pillow... one spray for me. I love cleaning the house now LOL,” @feardiss1 commented.

Dowsing your house may seem a little crazy, but judging by the multiple people backing this hack, it’s definitely worth a shot (pun absolutely intended)!