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Woman Uses Vodka to Keep her Sheets ‘Fresh’

Who knew this was a thing?

Do you prefer your vodka on the rocks, in a shot glass, in a Moscow Mule, or in your sheets? Yes, vodka in your sheets is a thing. But not necessarily in the way you may be thinking.

So in today’s edition of “TikTok’s Home Hacks Keeping Us On Our Toes,” TikTok user @sowajellybeen shows us just how this spirit can easily transition from your bar cart into your cleaning closet and surprisingly, it’s effective!


Before today, I had no idea spraying your sheets with vodka helps keep them fresh in-between washes thanks to high alcohol content, which makes it a great disinfectant cleaner. Simply mix one part alcohol with four parts water and that it! But if you’d like to take it up a notch, you can add some essential oils to the mix to make it smell heavenly. Just take a peek at some of the viewers’ comments with their solution suggestions! “I soak lavender in vodka and then have scented cleaning spray,” @k2thymetai wrote. “I soak fresh eucalyptus in vodka for 1 week and then mix with water and do the same thing with it! Gives a really nice fresh scent,” @hawj8m commented. Another TikTok user @ih8tehoomans mentioned her favorite essential oil she like to use with the spray, “add peppermint oil!! So refreshing.”

Well, we’ll be mixing some bottom shelf vodka with some water and essential oils soon! Just be sure to keep the pets out of the room until it evaporates.