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Abandoned Georgia Home Looks Exactly How Family Left It Years Ago

It's practically move-in ready.

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When we talk about old, abandoned homes, we tend to think about long-lost artifacts of the time. Sunken ceilings, fallen-through floors, maybe old dusty toys and nicknacks left behind by someone who didn’t tidy up after themselves. And some houses are like this, though occasionally we’ve seen family members try and step up and revive these old houses.

But what if the house wasn’t exactly in disrepair? In fact, what if the house looked almost exactly like it did when it was first abandoned?


The TikTok channel AbandonedSouthEast primarily deals with old abandoned houses, mansions, etc but often they come across homes that are the way we picture abandoned homes to be - old and run down. But they recently went into a home that is almost a snapshot of life in the nineties, left behind due to some mystery decades ago.

Captions tell us that the house, built in the 1960s near Atlanta, Georgia, was once the home of a pair of department store owners and their six children. There was obvious love put into its construction, but the home has been abandoned for some time, and there are very obvious signs of those who once lived there.

Some of the beds are still made, the curtains are still drawn over the windows, dentures sitting out on a notepad, and chairs still sit around tables just waiting for their former owners to come, sit down, and take a meal together. It is almost eerie to walk through the rooms, to see all of these things that people simply… left behind, either in search of a new life or due to some tragedy.

Even the outside looks worn but not forgotten, ivy trails over the trellises and there are a few gaps here and there that show the age of the house. But there is still beauty, and we can only hope that one day someone can find and restore this house into a home, and give rest to those who once lived and loved here.