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Woman’s Solution For Two Large Holes In her Wall Is Very… Creative.

Why cover it when you can make it magical?

We’re always taught to cover what’s flawed to make it more beautiful. From magazines to television and social media, we’re constantly bombarded with multiple ways to hide our imperfections, however, rather than cover what’s broken or flawed, why not embrace it? That’s exactly what TikTok user @vroncawm did with these two large holes in her wall and tbh, it looks so magical and ethereal!


In the video that already has over two million views, Veronica take an empty box of Oreos and glues a printed picture of the blue, purple and pink well from “Coraline” onto the center of the box. Next, she takes navy and baby blue cut fabric strips and uses a hot glue gun to glue them down in a spiral motion onto the cardboard box, creating a spiral around the printed picture. Moving along, she then takes a paint brush and paints random spots of bright purple and blue onto the fabric. To finish the project, she glued it onto her wall and created a door for it and when it opens, it looks as though you could actually go through it (although it’s really tiny)!

Much like her followers in the comment section, we are obsessed with how beautiful and creative this is!