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Mom Redoing Toddler’s Room Finds Incredible Discovery Under Layers of Wallpaper

This was a pretty big win!

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By now we all know exactly how hard it can be to get the wallpaper off of your walls. It is why we have so many tips and tricks to help you through the process! This difficulty seems to only increase as time goes by, to the point where if your wallpaper is more than a few years old (try decades in some cases), it can seem easier to just paint over it.

But what if there was something beneath the wallpaper - some secret that you couldn’t imagine being there? Would it change your mind about removing the wallpaper? Would it almost make it a little enjoyable even?


Our featured Tiktok Creator, Brittany, was recently removing the floral wallpaper in one of the bedrooms in her house and she, like many of us, was prepared for many tedious hours of soaking and scraping. But when she was able to peel off a small portion of the multiple layers she saw something extremely surprising…

Where there should have been only wall, a vintage image of Daisy Duck was staring back at her! Well, sort of glowering, but you get the idea. So, like any of us would do, she begins to peel up the rest to see what other goodies she can find.

And there is more, so much more! Each peel of the wallpaper reveals more and more of the image beneath, and though it does stop at a certain point there is more than enough of the vintage art left on the wall to do something with.

One savvy TikTok commenter apparently found the same wallpaper and dates it back to being released in 1969 - meaning this wallpaper has been around for over five decades! And it still looks to be in great shape, meaning there are many ways that Brittany can incorporate it into her kiddo’s new room!