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These Wireless Wall Sconces Are a Total Vibe

It’s a simple way to add to the aesthetic.
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Wall sconces date back to the 15th-century and continue to be seen in both “old-timey” homes and modern day homes; they add a sense of elegance and luxury to a space and can certainly change the look of an entire room, in the best way possible.

The only downfall to wall mounted sconces is most of them are sold as lighting fixtures that require in-wall wiring to work. If the wiring is not present in the exact mounting spot you wish to place your sconces, homeowners run into the dilemma of having to do a full demo on the wall in order to bring wires up to the spot they wish to install them. Demo is not the most fun thought, I mean all you want is to add a pizazz with your sconce without having to remove any drywall… well TikToker @kaysuaz posted a recent video revealing the most adorable, demo-free, wire-free, elegant wall sconces we have ever seen.. And they even have lights!


We adore the profile of the sconces, the long sleek profile is so unique and mixed with the gold it adds a modern twist on the classic sconce design. The remote controlled long flicker candles add such a warm feeling to the design, @kaysuaz said it best “Wireless sconces + battery candles = peak cozy level.”