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Woman Transforms Her Bathroom by Adding Elegant Wallpaper

It makes a huge difference.

Do you have a small space such as a tiny bathroom in your house and you want to decorate it, but unfortunately you aren’t sure where to start? You may feel restricted simply due to space, or just don’t know how to bring your full creativity into an area that doesn’t have a whole lot of room to go ‘crazy’ in.

Well, TikTok creator Emily Welch figured out exactly what she could do to truly elevate her space and the main difference is a super simple change!


So Emily has a tiny bathroom, but she knew that there was a lot of potential even said small space. It just needed to be updated, modernized, and ‘opened’ up without tearing down a wall or somehow enlarging the space.

Enter - making everything a bit cleaner and lighter!

Emily starts her bathroom transformation by putting up wallpaper (yes, in the bathroom.) This light-colored wallpaper is gorgeous in and of itself, but also adds a pop of color while still keeping the space lighter and brighter. It also distracts the eye from how small the room is by breaking it up better than the plain white walls from before did.

All of the dark or black accents that were already in the room get swapped out for richer, lighter wood tones that help accent and accentuate the color of the wallpaper while Emily also adds white shelving, light brass towel hangers, a handful of carefully selected knick knacks, and the piece de resistance - greenery! A long trail of ivy crawls down from the topmost shelf, while another plant is nestled in the sink, just for aesthetics at the moment.

The end result is simply stunning, as tons of commenters are agreeing about it enthusiastically in the comment section!

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