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Natural House Cleaner Shows Us Why We Need to Clean Our Washers

Who knew this was hiding in our washers?

You know social media never fails to remind us about something or show us something new. We’ve recently learned why it’s important to regularly vacuum your mattress and now it’s being brought to our attention why we need to clean our washers on a regular basis.

I know it sounds strange that the machine that’s in charge of cleaning our clothes actually needs to be clean as well, but it does. And after watching this TikTok video uploaded by natural house cleaner, you’ll see exactly why we should all be doing this. 


Whoa! Anyone else shocked to see that floating around in the water? Upon first glance, it does look like dirt or mud, so imagine how surprised we were to find out it wasn't. We like that she was so detailed when cleaning both outside and inside the washer while explaining we may have to clean it multiple times, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned it. And this method works on front load washer machines, too!

The comments were filled with appreciation and extra tips! “I’m an appliance tech and this is some of my favorite “TikTok cleaning” advice I’ve seen!” wrote TikTok user @taragreene7. “It may not be recommended but I use white vinegar in the bleach and fabric soften dispenser then do a wash. Takes the funky smell out of my washer,” @caliinspring wrote. “I’m having this exact issue and I’m going to try this, thank you!” @hannahtorres113 commented.

After seeing this video, we definitely are going to incorporate more regular washer cleanings into our cleaning regimen, especially considering how easy it is to do.