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Man’s Trick For Capturing Wasps Is Genius

This worked out better than we expected!

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Wasps are typically nothing to play around with. These nasty buggers make their hives up in corners and eaves of your house, only to drop on the unsuspecting when they wander a bit too close and jostle something a little too hard. Their stings are painful and, for some, even fatal.

The key here, then, is to get rid of them - and fast. But how do you do that? Well, one crafty TikToker has the perfect idea for making sure they all go permanently night-night and leave your house alone.


Caleb Landers is someone who’s got a bit of a wasp problem on his porch, but luckily for him, he’s got someone on his side who knows just the remedy. His friend gathers up two things, a strange liquid and a cup, then carefully climbs up a ladder towards (and not away) from the wasps.

Admittedly, we’d already be running because the idea of being that close is terrifying!

But this man has no fear and he just scurries up the ladder and efficiently pops the cup up around the nest. He sits and waits, holding the cup up, and then a few moments later and he pulls down the cup and - voila! A ton of dead wasps! So what is in the cup? Pure gasoline! The gasoline quickly suffocates the wasps, even the ones inside the hive, and they die within seconds without ever being able to sting.

Now whether or not this is ‘safer’ than spraying from a distance is certainly up for debate, but no one can deny that it sure is effective! And, as one commenter points out, we honestly have learned more from these short TikTok videos than probably most of our time in school or on Google!

So next time you’ve got a wasp problem, try using gasoline to solve it! We do recommend using caution because if the wasps are already agitated they might swarm you before you ever get a chance to get close!