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Woman Shows Off Her Waste-Free Life and We Might Make the Switch Too

Imagine how much money she saves!

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If you’ve never heard of a waste-free life, then let me be the first one to introduce you! It is a way of living that seeks to have each person live a life that is as waste-free as possible, which typically means buying and using less and making sustainable swaps for their day-to-day living spaces.

Let’s dive in with TikTok creator Shavonne of RestyleLiving and get an idea of waste-free living and the kinds of swaps you can easily make to start living a little less wastefully today!


In this video, Shavonne is sharing several swaps that she has made that not only help her stick to a waste-free life but also save her money on a daily basis! To start, she shares how she no longer uses any sort of paper towels in the kitchen or around her home. Instead, Shavonne uses cloth towels wrapped around a kitchen towel holder. Of course, these towels have to be cleaned, but just imagine being able to use, reuse, and use again your towels!

Next are the plastic bottles that dish soap comes in. This plastic is totally wasted, and even if you recycle it you are still adding to the overall waste in the world. Instead, you can do as Shavonne does and swap over to solid dish bars, which are essentially hand soap but for your dishes! You just scrub your dishes as normal, and they get just as clean without having to toss a bottle at the end once the soap is all gone!

And, of course, instead of using tossable sponges, Shavonne uses a small bamboo brush that lasts a year in comparison to the wasteful sponges and yet gets your dishes just as clean.

There are a couple more swaps, and I highly recommend you go and check out her channel for more information!

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