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Watch This TV Stand Seamlessly Convert Into a Day Bed

This secret "Murphy Bed" was made for small living spaces and multipurpose rooms.

Guest rooms are super nice in theory. It's always nice to know that there is a part of your house you can openly and warmly welcome people to stay whether it is for a quick trip or an extended vacation. Truthfully though, guests are usually filing in and out of people's homes, rendering their guest room useless for the 351 days it's not in use. 

Wouldn't it be cool if that extra bedroom was a gaming room? Or a craft room? Or an office? There is a way you can make your special space accessible to guests. It's with multipurpose furniture. These pieces serve at least two functions and can be easily converted depending upon need. Perhaps one of the coolest ones we've run into is this tv stand that opens up into a whole Murphy bed. 

And we aren't talking about a rinky-dink bed that can barely fit a full size human. These Murphy day beds/TV stand pieces by Night and Day fold out to reveal a comfy mattress with a sturdy frame that was tucked inside the TV stand. The unit prices vary upon sellers, but this will roughly cost about $1,800. You can score these on Amazon, Wayfair, and even local furniture stores like Coconis Furniture which is making this cool bed go viral. 

We love how this saves space and grants a host the freedom to use their guestrooms for whatever they please when friends aren't over.