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Apparently, We've Been Opening Cases of Water Bottles Wrong Our Entire Lives

Wrestling the bottle out of that pastic packaging? Totally unnecessary.

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The World Wide Web - including TikTok, of course - is the only place to look for tips and tricks, as well as to find out about life hacks everyone should know. And as the one and only Martha Stewart once said,

"If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day." 

Indeed. I just learned how to not open a case of water and how to do it instead, as this TikTok account @houseofhighlights demonstrates in their video. 


What? I had no idea! Did you know that this hack could change your life? 

So simple, yet so effective. All you do is cut through the center of the plastic wrap around the case and break it apart. That's how you would store it, and that way the plastic wrap around it is loose, so it will release the water bottle easily. 

And guess what? I got another hack for you on what you can do with all those empty water bottles. You could turn them into a cool lamp, just like this one. Also, another great tip for not having too many open water bottles laying around is by using a permanent marker, and writing your name on it, as this mom suggests

We certainly love this hack and it is fair to say, that the internet certainly is the place to learn something new, especially about life hacks and survival. Because who wants to constantly wrestle with a plastic cover from a water bottle case? I know I don't.

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