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Couple Installs a Water Filter On Their Bathroom Sink and Learns It Changes Everything

I mean, their skin is living proof...

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When you think about it, water filters aren’t just for drinking. They can be a great solution to all kinds of problems with your local tap water. They can also make your life easier by giving you better quality water without relying on bottled brands that cost more money and take up space in your home or office. With so many benefits available at such an affordable price, there is no excuse not to install one today!

There seemed to be a lot of division when it came to believing this woman's claims. And we will admit that quality skincare makes a big difference, but so does the water you wash with and drink.

"Yup! When I lived in a city my skin broke out more than ever in my life. And every time I go back." @Wems

"So it really is the tap water in Utah that made me break out really bad. I knew it." @KET

"I believe this 100% . I have very bad skin, and I live in the UK. When I go to Lithuania for a week, my skin and hair changes in a couple days." @Ema

While others had some doubts. "No way just a water filter did that." @Ladace

A good filter will remove impurities from tap water and leave it tasting better than bottled options, which are often just as processed by the time they reach your glass. Filters also have other uses that can be helpful as well:

  • Softens hair and makes skin brighter and clearer
  • Improves the quality of your home's plumbing system

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