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This Simple Watering Hack is Perfect For Busy Plant Parents

No time, no problem!

Akin to raising human children, plants sometimes require a lot of time and effort to get them to grow beautifully into their fullest potential. While it all depends on the plant you choose to care for, some plants thrive with minimal attention, low lighting and little watering, while other plants need bright and natural lighting and regular watering in order for them to flourish- which can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance if you’re a busy person.

However, TikTok plant mama @selfcareplants gave us the easiest and perfect solution for plant parents who are always on the go, but have plants that require constant hydration.


As you can see in the video, her droopy Fittonia plant is in much need of a little extra TLC. So all she does it take a small vase with water and adds a few drops of Schulz liquid plant food. She then places a braided string into the water and buries the other end of the string into the plant’s soil. Afterwards, we’re re-introduced to a lively, thriving Fittonia plant with sprouted stems and lush leaves, basking in the natural lighting and showing off her beauty. Dramatic, much? YES. But we’re here for it and so are the followers!

“I have this plant and I love it so much how it just flops like the drama queen she is. Yasss gurl go on and fold,” says @celinevanimpe. Another person commented “Dramatic plants. Fixed it.”

What’s even better, you can simply just use water if you don’t have any plant food and it’ll still get the job done. Just be sure the string stays in the soil and continuously keep water in the vase.

Who knew a simple braided string can make such a big difference?! 

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