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Mom Has Perfect Hack For Random Water Bottles Left Everywhere

We'll be using this idea…

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Whether you have a large family or you live with just you and your partner, chances are, water bottles are likely left in random spots in your house and you have no idea if they’re yours, your partner or the kids. In situations like this, this water bottle hack from TikTok user @eliteaccentsbykemie may just be the perfect solution for you and your household!


All she did for this simple hack was take a permanent marker and write a number on each of the bottle caps. Another great way to adapt this easy hack into your household is by having each person in your home write their initials or name on the bottle itself or the bottle cap. This works because while someone could potentially forget which number they had, they for sure know their initials and name.

As expected, folks took to the comment section to share their thoughts on this simple hack. “A better hack is if you have 4 kids for an example you put 1-4 on each water bottle and each kid is assigned a number,” @prettylittleblonde shared. “Bro I didn’t even think of this…me and my siblings always going back and forth about this; definitely gonna try it,” another TikTok user commented. “This is so smart!!” @madss_ wrote.

We agree! This is a great idea and we love that you can somewhat customize it to fit your household.