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This Simple Hack Removes Any Wax Stain Using Stuff You Have At Home

Candles melt all over your new table runner? Worry not, this stain remover hack will save it.

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Burning candles isn't just good for setting the mood. Candles are a great way to make your home feel warm, inviting and smell great too. For anyone who likes to burn candles though, they know one good bump of the table can result in a wax-splattered mess that is impossible to clean up. 

Melted wax tends to dry quickly when the heat element is removed, leaving just enough time for it to sink into the fabric and cling to it for dear life. The essential oils, which is likely is what is giving your candle that delightful aroma, seep in and can easily stain any fabric area. Before you throw your runner or table cloth away, try this brilliant hack instead.


Rummage through your various pantries and we'd bet you already have most of this stuff on hand. Get a can of computer cleaner, some Vaseline, and some lime juice and rub it in. Top with Lysol bathroom cleaner "Power Foam"  and encase it a smudged circle of toothpaste. Grab a tea towel, place it over the stain and use a hot iron for roughly thirty seconds, steaming twice. 

 Once it is cooled, roll back the tea towel and boom! No more nasty candle wax stain. Some folks in the comments thought that even this might be too complicated and suggested just using a hot iron and a paper towel, but honestly this way seems to lift out all of the residue. 

Let us know if you try it in the comments and how it worked!