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Woman Catches Bride's Bouquet and What She Does Afterwards Is Hilarious!

She's applying all the pressure.

Receptions have to be the best part of the wedding. There’s eating, drinking, dancing socializing and good times in general. But the best part of the reception is when the groom tosses the garter and the bride tosses her bouquet, because the reactions to both events are usually hilarious.

Such is the case in this video uploaded by TikTok user @olejguy, where a wedding guest catches the bride’s bouquet and her actions afterwards is so funny that the video already has over seven million views!


LOL. The face she makes towards the guy sitting at the table (presumably her partner) is hilarious! Seriously, the way she looked at him right after catching the bouquet almost like she was telling him with her eyes “You better make me engagement happen!” LOL. His face in response looked so nervous as though he knew he wasn’t going to hear the last of her catching the bouquet until he proposed!

People in the comments were just as enthused as we were. “The eye contact, the head tilt and the hand movements was shouting it all,” TikTok user @3po1nts hilariously noted. “No words spoken yet we know the whole conversation,” @user_bunch_of_numbers_ wrote. “If that’s his reaction I hope she finds a new man!” @savecanada403 mentioned. “Free that boy” another user commented. LOL

Well, actions do speak louder than words, especially in this case. But we do appreciate this good laugh.