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Bride-to-Be Transforms Old Ladder Into a Gorgeous Seating Chart and TikTok is Obsessed

This is perfect for a bohemian-themed wedding.

Weddings are more than a celebration where friends and family come together to celebrate the union of two people coming together to spend the rest of their lives together, it’s also a reflection of your personal style.

While there are some people who like to have traditional ball room style weddings, there are others who crave to have a nature-like whimsical outdoor wedding. For those who yearn to have an outdoor bohemian, then we have the perfect DIY seating chart courtesy of TikTok DIY maven @lifeonwillowcreek. It’s easy to do and so gorgeous!


This is so perfect for the bohemian bride-to-be thanks to the ladder’s rustic finish and pop of green from the plants cascading from the top of the ladder. Adding the battery operated infinity wick candles and string lights to this cute DIY gave it a romantic touch that will be so fitting for the occasion.

Viewers in the comment section love this DIY, too! "You are so stinking creative-I love it!” TikTok user @pixiechic1215 commented. “Adorable! So creative! “ @pamelahershbergerstewart wrote. “So unique!!!! This is awesome, Morgan!” @averagebutinspired commented.

We love this cute and affordable DIY! This s perfect for the busy bride-to-be that’s DIY-ing her wedding.