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Aftermath Of Kids At Wedding Is a Great Argument for Not Allowing Them

Oof this is awful…

When planning a wedding, there are so many things to consider to ensure you have the best wedding possible. Will you have a big or small wedding? Destination wedding or staying local? Family-friendly or adults-only wedding?

These questions may seem trivial, but they’re a big deal for couples who intend to have the wedding of their dreams come to life and are spending quite a bit of money to make sure of it. However, while the first two questions are rather easy to come up with a decision, deciding if your wedding should allow kids isn’t always easy. However, after stumbling upon this video from TikTok user @ljdjs, you may want to think twice about allowing kids at your wedding!


In the video, a woman is seen walking around gathering flowers that appeared to be thrown around everywhere with the decorated chairs facing different types of direction. The person filming the woman whose attempting to clean up the damage is heard saying “She is mad…oh my goodness, what’d they have, like a flower fight in here?” Uhhh, it definitely appears so.

Viewers of the video took to the comments to share their thoughts. “This is probably why I’ve read a lot about weddings where the bride said no kids allowed,” @jenifurdavidson wrote. “I’ve seen this happen at weddings and funerals. Parents sitting around talking and drinking, not caring what their kids are doing,” @gardens4me commented. Another TikTok user @kristi1024 commented “Bad parenting- tell them no and mean it!!!”

Yikes. While we love kids, having them at your wedding may not be a good idea. And this video is proof of it.