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Couple Hosting 'Sustainable Wedding' Has Brilliant Alternative to Wasteful Paper Confetti

Every boho-themed wedding will want to steal this one.

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Weddings are momentous occasions, full of love, joy and a sprinkling of drama. While we know that there are a lot of moving parts leading up to the wedding, not a lot of people consider the day-after remnants of the great time just had by all. There is a lot of... stuff that goes into making a wedding happen. Hundreds of invitations and one-time use products. But one couple is committed to making sure that their big day only leaves a lasting impression in other's hearts.

TikToker Anna Masiello is dedicated to doing just that. She and her fiancé are striving for a zero waste wedding, and in an effort to do that, one thing they doing is eliminating any non-biodegradable confetti. But as they particularly love that tradition, they decided that they'd come up with a pretty and effective alternative: Leaves. 


First, they collected leaves and petals from various foliage outback, including lemon tree leaves, eucalyptus, and more. Then they are drying them out, and once they reach the right texture, they are hole punching little confetti circles out for guests to throw. 

The colors are so natural and they are perfect for a boho-outdoor-type wedding. The couple is also making their wedding sustainable by using old fabrics for their wedding attire, they aren't offering any meat or fish, and there won't be wasteful products like silly favors.

Honestly, it's their day and they deserve to celebrate it however they see fit. Because it's not the wedding that really matters, it's the marriage.