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A White Paper Towel Can Help You Catch Flies Like a Kung Fu Master

Those house flies don’t stand a chance

Have pests been ‘bugging’ you around the house and getting you down? Maybe it's some critters out in your garden, eating up all your fruits and veggies, or those pesky house flies that you just can’t get rid of?

Well, fear no more! We’ve got a remedy that will have you saying bye-bye to all the flies that are hanging around and bothering you and it is all thanks to one TikTok creator from The Silva Family!


So this hack works because, apparently, flies cannot see the color white. Who knew? (Well, probably some entomologists, but not everyone is one of those!) The creator here shows us that all you need for this ‘hack’ to work is to get a white paper towel and of course a fly or a few.

Take your paper towel and hold it so that it is between your hand and the fly that you are trying to smash. Keep in mind that you WILL be smacking the hell out of the fly, so if bug guts or killing insects make you squeamish, you may want to avoid doing this.

Now, with your hand holding the opposite side of the paper towel, carefully hover over your buggy nemesis. Then - grab it or smash it! The fly will stay docilely in place, as if waiting for its doom to come to it. Your grab and smash will do away with the little critter quickly and you can just chuck it and move on.

Of course, you could always just go with the comment section and use a hand-held bug zapper or even a good old flyswatter, but we think this works pretty well!