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Wife Hilariously Tricks Husband Into Doing Household Chores With This Viral Game

His revenge at the end is priceless!

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If there’s one thing to easily keep a relationship interesting, it’s by playing fun games with each other. And there’s one game that is making its’ round all over TikTok and honestly it’s quite hilarious.

The trendy game works like this: you present your partner with two paper strips that each have a mystery option for your partner to choose. Typically, the options are between two gifts, with one being of significant value and the other not as grand. However, in this particular video with TikTok content creator @itsdestene_ and her husband, she bent the rules a little bit and the two options he chose from were household chores. His reactions were hilarious!

Initially excited to participate in the game, her husband eagerly smiled when she had him choose between the two strips, however, the smile quickly faded when he realized he chose the paper strip that involved cleaning baseboards. The next option he chose involved him doing the laundry, in which he seemed extremely “excited” about. Lastly, his final chore he chose was to make his wife dinner. The hilarious part about him making her dinner is what he made for her. Rather than make her a lavish meal, he made her a bowl of cereal and was happy with what he whipped up.

Much like her followers and viewers in the comment section, we enjoyed this refreshing and hilarious video!

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