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Woman Shows Us Her Side Of the Bed Compared to Her Husband's Side And It's Hilarious

TBH, relatable.

I think I can speak for most spouses every where when I say I love my husband, but some of their ways — in particular, their cleaning ways — are a bit questionable. It’s amazing how they’re able to repair things around the house with no issue, but when it comes to picking up their clothes off the floor and hanging them in the closet, it often seems to be the most difficult task for them to complete.

It’s funny, most of us may assume that it’s only our husbands who have a hard time cleaning after themselves, but thanks to social media, we know there are many partners, including TikTok user @giapendergast, who also has the same experience with her husband. In this video she uploaded we see and understand her hilarious rant wholeheartedly. *Warning: the video does contain curse words.*


LOL. This video is both hilarious and relatable. We love that she bought him a table basket to place things like his glasses, remotes and jewelry inside of it, but he doesn’t use it at all and places everything on his table instead. LOL. When she mentioned how he has ice skates in the closet and he doesn’t skate, we were officially over this video; it’s hilarious! The comment section validated just about every spouse’s feelings regarding this issue. “We are all married to the same guy,” @hi.jess137 wrote. “All husband are alike!” @jane07171 commented.

LOL. It's so funny how her side of the room looks compared to his. It's basically like two world colliding. LOL. But seriously, how many of us spouses feel seen thanks to Gia’s video?!