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Wife Paints Husband’s Favorite Saying On the Wall and Catches the Moment He Notices

His face was prices-less!

Love is probably the most versatile language there is, and there are many different ways we can express that. Like hanging your spouse's art or favorite saying on the wall. And you know what tops that? Your spouse's reaction! 

If you need some inspiration when it comes to surprising your spouse, take some notes from wifey and TikToker Jennifer Kelly Hoskins (@jenniferart___) who surprised her husband with her art of his favorite phrase on the wall.


Isn't this the sweetest thing? Although it is right in his face, it took him a few times going back and forth to finally notice what is happening on the wall. And the entire time his wife was filming him to make sure not to miss that moment of pure joy when he sees his favorite phrase "And That's Okay," written on the wall with - what looks like - acrylic paint in the colors of the rainbow and even a smiley face instead of the letter O. Would you look at that face of true happiness? His face lights up with a big smile like a child in a candy store, and he then tells his wife that he loves her. I am melting away. I think dedicating a wall in your home to your spouse where you can leave each other love notes or paint murals, is a great idea.

This love message is not only creative but also cute. Other TikTokers thought the same, according to the comment section. It surely is overflowing with love and positivity.