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Wife Has Sweetest Reaction to Getting New Siding On the House

This is how thankful we should be, always.

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Love is a wonderful experience and is hard to find these days. Therefore, once you have found your better half and significant other, keep them. Because everyone loves a great wedding, and celebrating your 1st wedding anniversary is a big deal. 

This TikTok couple, Hunter and Devin (@thecordlefamily), is probably an inspiration for many and you can see they are a happy couple in love, judging this solely on Devin's reaction in the video.


This is probably the happiest scream of joy, I have ever heard. I mean everyone would probably burst into tears if their spouse surprised them with their first own house. As a young family, this is a big step and what many people wish to achieve in their lives as well. Would you look at her happy face though? Just priceless. As you can see in their other video, Devin is running through the entire house, like a golden retriever that has the zoomies, as Hunter calls it. It is genuine and you can tell how happy these two are. Their entire TikTok channel consists of sweet videos like that one and TikTok loves them. You can tell, they must be doing something right with their 2.9 Mio followers! Maybe it is the sweet southern charm they bring to the table, or because it gives others hope to find true love as well since Valentine's Day is only four months away!

Whatever it is, we approve!