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Husband Tells Wife to “Just” Paint the Walls and What She Does Instead Is So Impressive

She really did that!

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There must be some truth to the saying that men are simple and women are complex. I think women want to make sure everything is perfect, while some men just want to get the job done. But everyone also knows that a happy wife means a happy life, especially when it comes to DIY home projects.

TikTok creator Slone showed her husband - and TikTok - how it's really done because a home makeover is not just a paint job. A lot more goes into that!

And voilà, the results are stunning. 

Can you spot the difference?

Her husband wanted to "keep it simple" by just painting the walls, but she knew better and transformed their house into a really cozy home. 

As you can see, this creator added some wood molding to the walls, painted these in a dark grey color, and also used wallpaper to achieve contrast. They also added some built-in shelves with the help of IKEA furniture, installed a comfy nook by the window, and she even built the desk from scratch!

I must say this DIYer certainly knows what she is doing, or she is just patient enough to try it out by trial and error. I've been there! DIY home makeovers are definitely not an easy task but a fun one, for sure. 

TikTok also supported the decision of the wife, referring to the comments section.

As one TikToker posted,

"That's fantastic. He married a gem and don't let him tell you otherwise."


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