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Wife Shares What It Looks Like When Husband “Randomly” Invites Family Over

Ah yes, the stress cleaning…

In a perfect world, our homes will stay clean 100% of the time no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately though, in the real world, we’re busy with work, we have kids and spouses and honestly, the house rarely ever stays as clean as we’d like for it to. However, when we have company coming over, we give off the appearance that it does stay spic and span all of the time, especially when the company is your spouse’s family.

In this extremely relatable video posted by TikTok content creator @itskoko_s, she shows just what it looks like deep cleaning her house last minute when her husband surprised her with short notice news that her in-laws were coming over for dinner


In the video, she starts off by doing the basic cleaning chores such as cleaning the kitchen sink, straightening the outside patio furniture and vacuuming and mopping the floors. She also dusted the plants, vacuumed the sofa, cleaned the oven and straightened out the kitchen cabinets to make it appear as though no one ever opens them to get every day items. Additionally, she cleaned the windows to get rid of the nose marks from the dog, dusted off the faux plant, adjusted random trinkets that you shouldn’t notice — but who knows if they will or won’t — and organized a room her in-laws won’t likely see when they come over.

The extra cleaning activities she did in-between taking a break to “shotgun” an energy drink definitely gave off “stress cleaning” vibes and we definitely get it! Hopefully, her in-laws acknowledged her effort.