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Wife's Video On How She Tricked Husband Into Cleaning the Whole House Has Women Cheering

If your spouse is a pacer, this one's for you.

Relationships are all about give and take. Your strong suits might not be your spouse's so sometimes a little nudging is necessary. Unfortunately dividing household responsibilities like cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing the floor can cause tension. As the years go one with someone, you eventually get into a rhythm and whatever gets the job done (so long as it is harmless) is fair game. Apparently, subvert coercion is absolutely a viable tactic.

When wife and mom Emma Cox (@emma__cox) noticed that her husband paces on the phone she got a genius idea. She handed him a Swiffer, wordlessly. 


Suddenly her husband started absentmindedly sweeping the house. Apparently he didn't even question it. He just took the mop and went to works. Before She knew it, her entire house was clean.

And for those who are skeptical that things wasn't staged, the mom proved how efficient is it by trying to see if she could covertly get him to do another task. 


Her second attempt? Total success. This round she hit him up during one of his work calls but silently handing him a dusting cloth. Much to her delight he got to it once again.

Followers were ecstatic to see this domestic win play out.

"You unlocked a new cheat code in wifery!," wrote one thrilled viewer.

While others told her to get him a headset so he could put both of those hands to work.

Whatever gets the job done y'all.