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Watch Real Flowers Transform Into Water Color Paints

The pigment is gorgeous

Who doesn’t love flowers? They’re beautiful, smell lovely and are always a great and inexpensive way to decorate your home. Plenty of flower enthusiasts have created beautiful floral arrangements using real, faux and dried flowers, as well as using their skills to create stunning flower walls.

Clearly the options are endless when decorating with flowers and this video from TikTok content creator @bergettepigments proves just that! In this video that’s apart of a five-video series on her TikTok account, she shows us how she transforms flowers into paint!


Using a marigold plant, she started the process by placing the flower into a heat-safe glass jar, before filling it with hot water. Afterwards, she covered the flower petals entirely with water and used a spoon to mix the flowers into the water a bit more.

Next, she removed the marigold petal from the water using a French press, which allowed her to strain the flowers from the water. Afterwards, she grabbed two smaller glass jars and added one tablespoon of the chemical alum into one jar, and one tablespoon of the other chemical washing soda into another jar. Next she added the dyed water into each jar, stirring until the chemicals were completely dissolved. Finally, she carefully added the liquids from each of the jars into the main jar, adding more of the two chemicals as needed.

In part three of the video series, she used coffee filters to separate the settled pigment from the water, before sitting the filters on a drying rack and allowing them to dry for several days. Part four of the video series shows how she carefully removed the dried flower petal pigment from the coffee filters and transferred the pigment into a smaller mason jar.

In the final video of the series, she added one part of the homemade pigment to one part of water color binder and stirred it around with a pallet knife before following up with a paint muller to ensure she ends up with a nice, smooth paint.

Although this cool process is tedious, the paint turned out so beautiful and we love the end result.