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Woman ‘Steals’ Wild Flowers From the Side of the Road and This is a Brilliant Way to Fill Flower Beds

Why haven’t we thought about this before...

Here in Texas, it’s normal to see people pull over while traveling and take pictures with the many different species of wildflowers that we often see sprouting on the side of the road. While I often see people stand and pose in front of the flowers, or sit and even lie on the colorful wildflowers, I’ve never seen anyone actually pick them from the ground and take them home.

However, there’s always a first for everything and such is proven in this video from TikTok user and planter @indigigardener who showed us exactly what she’s doing with the wildflowers she picked from the side of the road in Alabama.


The flowers are so pretty, so we don’t blame her for wanting to take them home with her and re-plant them in her own garden, however, some people in the comments weren’t too happy with her doing that for a few different reasons, so she had turn the comments off and make a response video.

In the video she’s seen picking two different kinds of native flower species — Coreopsis Tinctoria and Coreopsis Lanceolata — from a ditch on the side of the road and says she saved the wildflowers from being mowed down as a a result of invasive plant species and land development.

While it’s typically promoted to let the flowers simply be and leave them alone, it’s cool to see that she was able to save a few from potentially being destroyed.