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Woman Uses Wildflowers and Tissue Paper to Create Beautiful Candle Holders

These are definitely a vibe

Flowers are always a great idea, especially when they’re fresh. Aside from simply being placed in a vase or planted in your yard, which makes for an easy way to jazz up any space inside and outside your home, they can also be used in a variety of creative DIY projects as well.

From hanging dreamy floral chandeliers to creating framed art using dying flowers, using flowers as décor in your home provides endless options and TikTok account @hometalk proves this to be true by introducing us to another simple, yet beautiful floral décor option as seen in this video below.


These floral wrapped glass jars are so gorgeous and thankfully, it’s an easy-to-do DIY! In the video, all she did was simply gather a few different flowers and taped them onto the jars. She then cut the stems that were too long for the jar before gluing tissue paper onto the floral wrapped glass jar. Next she cut off the acres tissue paper before finishing the project by adding a tea light candle into the jar.

The glasses are so cute will look amazing on a mantle, countertop or even on a top shelf in your home.

Wherever it’s placed, it’s for sure going to beautifully complement the space!