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Man Proves That Window Films Are a Great Alternative to Blinds

It looks so elegant!

Do you like having windows that can let in lots of natural light but hate the idea of having to have up blinds? Maybe you still want a ton of privacy but the sheer idea of keeping blinds cleaned, or having to open and close them constantly, just doesn’t do it for you.

Well, there may be another option for you, one that is easily removable and thus the perfect addition to dorms or rentals, and it all comes straight from the creators over at PurlFrost!


Now, many of us have had to deal with the hassle of blinds or curtains over the span of our lives. And sure they do the trick, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they look good, and you can only do so much with either kind. They’re also terrible to clean, even if you are dedicated to their upkeep.

So instead, how about ‘filming’ your windows?

PurlFrost is a UK-based company that creates window films, sort of like window tints, that go up easily and come down whenever you need them to. These window films come in a wide range of styles and sizes and even price ranges, meaning you can almost always find something that will fit both your aesthetic and your budget.

Kick it old school with some retro or vintage-looking patterns, or go for something a bit new and bold! The best part about it is also that your neighbors still won’t get to peek inside and you will have total privacy while still managing to get a good bit of that natural light coming inside!

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