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Woman Transforms Old Frame Into a Gorgeous Piece of Decor With Paint Pens

Anyone with any skill level can pull this off

Decorating your home can get quite expensive depending on the type of art you choose to add to your home space, however, if you have some old knick-knacks hanging around your home, you can easily add cute art to any room without breaking the bank.

While this DIY isn’t typical art that you’d find hanging in the alls of art museums, it’s too cute to not hang on the walls of your home!


All you have to do is grab an old picture frame that you don’t really have a use for, and tape a printed design of your liking to the back of the frame. On the front of the frame, use paint pens to trace the design before removing the printed design from the frame. Next, simply fill in the design with colored paint pens to finish the easy DIY project and hang it on the wall.

We love this simple DIY and especially love how customizable it can be depending on your liking. As some people in the comment section suggested, you can simply trace the design on the frame with a white paint pen and stop there or you can simply take the frame and hang it with the printed design in the frame without tracing it at all.

All options are beautiful!