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Watch How This Woman Camouflages Windows For Privacy Without Curtains

Curtains are so out with this hack!

The concept of tall windows, without curtains or blinds to get a lot of natural light in, sounds great in theory. But if you can look into your neighbors' windows and watch their every move, they can probably watch you too. And with that said, your right to privacy is - so to speak - non-existing. Besides, it could be dangerous too. 

Especially being a woman and living alone, you don't want to give any perp a chance to stalk you. But don't panic. Content creator Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) shows us in her video how to fix a window-privacy issue, without the use of curtains.


Look how cool this looks! The orange complements all other colors in her home, and although it covers most of it to give privacy it still allows enough sunlight to come in to lighten up the room. Lizzie mentioned in her video that she bought this film at Decorative Films and the exact name of the color is SXB-34 Orange Sand Blast in six feet. The price runs at around $22 per foot, which is not bad. The first step of this process is to measure your windows, of course. That way you can cut the film accordingly. Then you want to make sure your windows are squeaky clean, so the film will stick to them. To activate the adhesive, you would mix lukewarm water with a little bit of dish soap and spray it on the window, as well as on the film. And then you transfer it to the window, even it out, so it's smooth without any air bubbles, and there you have it. Lizzie also added some clear-frosted white to the outside of the window to achieve double the privacy effect. Pretty simple. The best part is that the orange creates a warm light when the sun hits in the morning, but you can also use another color. 

What a great privacy hack! We love it.