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TikTok is Shocked With This Method Of Cleaning Wine Glasses In Dishwashers

We were today years old when we found this out.

Wine is always the go-to drink when it comes to celebrating multiple events. From weddings to graduations, a glass of bold red or sparkling white wine always commemorates a good time with family and friends. The only downside to drinking wine is after all is done, you’re left with fingerprints and smudges on fragile glasses.

If you’re one of those people who prefers to use your dishwasher to wash everything, but have experienced a few broken glasses in your dishwasher, TikTok cleaning maven @tidycademypro has the perfect method for cleaning your wine glasses and preventing them for breaking. It’s so genius!


We had no idea that’s what that little piece in the dishwasher was for! Of course, this wine glass cleaning hack will only work if you have that special rack in your dishwasher, but if you’re one of those people who don’t have that feature, then it’s still best to wash your glasses by hand. However, this is amazing for those moments when you don't feel like cleaning them by hand!

We’re not the only ones who were shocked by this method; people in the comments were just as surprised, too. “Ohhhhh that’s what it’s for lol,” TikTok user @lindsay745 commented. “Thank you! I wasn’t sure how to make that thing work!” @dolly19875 wrote. “I can't believe I only found this out by watching TikTok,” another TikTok user commented. “I had no idea what that part was for, thank you!” @asmrcleans0 wrote.

There you have it folks, another amazing cleaning tip to use if you can do so!